Welcome to Al-Hamra Academy Social Network!

Al-Hamra Academy is the first full-time accredited Islamic school in New England. We encourage our students, teachers, staff, volunteers and parents to register and get engaged in this family. 

Once you register and activate your account, please submit a request to join the desired group. Parents may join their children’s classroom if their child does not have an email address. However, parents may use their own email address to open an account for their child.

Please avoid using this website on a public computer. Use it on your personal, home or school computer or tablet. This will minimize the chances of compromising your account.

The contents of this website are available only for registered members. Search engines will not be able to cache its contents. We monitor all registrations and will delete any suspicious accounts. We encourage you to provide your real name, grade (if you are a student), year of graduation (if you are an alumni), name and grade of your children (if you are a parent).

Note: During the open registration time of this website, most groups are public. We will make a group private when we identify an administrator for it.